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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 214174
Mineral hydraulic fluid for hydraulic power units in Citroën XM, XANTIA, BX, CX, SM, GS For hydraulic power units in Citroën ID and DS sold after September 1966 (components painted green) For brake circuits and hydraulic clutch control systems in utility vehicles Citroën N, P and C35 For t..
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 205607
AdBlue® is used in the exhaust gas catalysis process in vehicles equipped with SCR (SelectiveCatalytic Reduction). This component is a reducing agent used to rid exhaust gases of a significantproportion of the nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced during combustion.- AdBlue® can be used by all vehicles equ..
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 213660
Cooling liquid suitable for all cooling systems of combustion engines in cars, vans, trucks, buses, constructing machines and agricultural tractors...
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 213756
• Super multigrade fluid• Exceptionally high viscosity index• Very low pour point• Very high thermal stability • Very good protection against wear and corrosion• Excellent lubricating properties..
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 213758
Orange-coloured synthetic hydraulic fluid for hydraulic power units in Citroën vehicles with "HYDRActive 3" such as the Citroën C5. Do not use where a fluorescent green colour mineral fluid is recommended (TOTAL LHM PLUS..
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 213781
Very long life antifreeze based on high purity monoethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors. When mixed with an appropriate quantity of water, it becomes a coolant fluid recommended for all internal combustion engines in cars and vans, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural t..
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 213761
It exhibits excellent lubrication guaranteeing reduced wear.Outstanding detergent property helps prevent the clogging of piston ports avoids spark plug fouling and extends engine lifespan.Its anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties protect engines during prolonged stop...
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Brand: TOTAL Product Code: 213763
Motor oil suitable for the most stringent requirements of both gasoline and diesel engines (passenger cars and light industrial vehicles).Engine oil perfectly adapted to vehicles equipped with catalysts and using unleaded fuel or liquefied petroleum gas, and particularly suited for turbochar..
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