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Brand: BERRYMAN Product Code: 0518
Provides complete, one-tank clean-up of both conventional and modern, sticky internal diesel injector (“IDI”) deposits. Disperses moisture in the fuel system and provides lubricity that is vital to optimum fuel pump and diesel injector performance.Excellent for purging dirty or clogged injec..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Brand: DURALUBE Product Code: HL-50100-06
Dura Lube Diesel Engine Treatment is an advanced liquid formula that fights soot and bearing corrosion in diesel engines. Keeps engines clean and reduces deposit formationReduces heat and frictionCompatible with all diesel engines large and smallFormulated for improved thermal stability and low tem..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: DURALUBE Product Code: HL-402199-06
Dura Lube® Severe Diesel® Fuel Conditioner helps improve overall fuel operating efficiencies. It helps reverse the differences in diesel fuel quality found in regular diesel, bio-based and ultra-low sulfur (ULSD) fuels, which can significantly reduce engine performance and mileage. Restores&n..
Ex Tax:12.02€
Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkcet
Improves fuel quality in all diesel engines. Cleans and increases performance. BENEFITS: • Removes harmful deposits and prevents breakdown of fuel• Boosts Cetane up to 7 points• Cleans dirty injectors • Effective in all Diesel fuels including: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels (ULSD), bio diesels..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkucl
MOTORKOTE Upper Cylinder was formulated to bring additional upper cylinder lubrication and to clean fuel injectors and prevent deposits from forming.  Compatible in both fuel and diesel engines and more concentrated fuel cleaning capability then the brand leader. BENEFITS Increases Hor..
Ex Tax:4.84€
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