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Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkspray
Made for metal-to-metal friction, MotorKote® All-Purpose Spray Lubricant made with MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is a superior solution to help prevent friction, wear, noise, rust & corrosion on metal parts. Resists water washout and lasts much longer than basic all-purpose spray lubricant..
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Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkepgr
MOTORKOTE 14 oz Extreme Pressure Grease is designed to provide excellent lubrication qualities over a wide range of temperatures BENEFITS   Unequalled water washout resistance Melting point well above 500 Degrees F Extreme pressure protection 70 lb. on Timken OK load test Rust and..
Ex Tax:10.08€
Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkredgr
MotorKote® Sticky Red Grease™ is a premium NLGI #2, heavy-duty, EP multi-purpose lithium grease fortified with polymers, antiwear agents, tackiness additives, high viscosity base oils plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. This grease is designed to stay-in-place and lubricate under the most ..
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Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: ΜΚ30390
MotorKote® TireKote™ is an extreme tire shine and protectant. TireKote™ not only gives your tires a brilliant deep gloss black shine but conditions and protects the tire to help prevent drying and cracking. DEEP GLOSS BLACK SHINE: Delivers super-glossy protective coating for a deep, dark, ins..
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