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Brand: SONAX Product Code: 300100
Sonax car polish cream,cleans renews protects...
Ex Tax:7.18€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 201100
Special WAX for color protection. Sonax's new technology, Hybrid NPT, creates a hard film on the paint with great ease of application. This film protects the color and creates a shiny sheen for many months. We recommend applying the wax 2 times a year...
Ex Tax:12.02€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 207100
Polish based on the new Hybrid NPT technology for use in regular, metallic and anti-scratch paints. Specially made for almost new and slightly dull colors. Special polishing elements remove holograms that you create from the brushes of the washing machines and give a shimmering deep shine. The carna..
Ex Tax:11.37€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 204100
High quality ointment for cleaning all metals such as aluminum and decorative metal parts made of copper, brass and chrome. Quickly, radically removes rust, corrosion and stains and protects surfaces from new corrosion. Not suitable for painted surfaces and metals with protective varnish (wheels)..
Ex Tax:14.92€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 317100
For a shimmering glow of all metallic colors. Gently cleans, polishes and insulates surfaces, while treating small irregularities and minor scratches..
Ex Tax:6.29€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 316200
For a radiant shine of all simple and metallic colors. Cleans, polishes and seals the color, offers shiny gloss and long-term protection. It is resistant to shampoos and water. Contains a polishing sponge...
Ex Tax:11.94€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 308000
Treatment ointment with abrasive ingredients for aluminum and decorative metal parts made of copper, brass and chrome. Quickly and radically removes rust and corrosion. Its application offers protection so that corrosion and rust do not reappear. Shiny result !!..
Ex Tax:4.35€
Brand: SONAX Product Code: 301100
High quality wax for color protection. Protects and maintains new and polished simple and metallic paints. High quality candles like Carnauba wax offer long lasting protection from the weather and the sun. Extremely easy to apply. Extremely soft for surfaces and essential to keep the value of your c..
Ex Tax:6.45€
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