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Brand: DURALUBE Product Code: HL-41705-12
Dura Lube Severe Instant Quiet reduces engine and transmission noise in any engine, transmission, power steering, mechanical machinery or device.  Reduces friction and heatHelps reduce engine sludgeNon viscous product designed to quiet mechanical moving parts. Directions: Pour entire cont..
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Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mk295
MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is a synthetic lubricant that molecularly coats all metal surfaces, not just engines to help reduce friction and heat in many different applications. Hyper Lubricant® uses engine oil as a carrier host to get to metal parts and bond to metal.Benefits: Increas..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkassl
MotorKote® All Seal™Stop Leak is formulated with synthetic conditioning agents to help soften and expand most worn and dried seals, to stop leaks in engines, transmissions and power steering systems. MotorKote® All Seal™Stop Leak contains NO SOLIDS that could clog or plug filters and lines. ..
Ex Tax:10.08€
Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkstab
Helps Eliminate Dry StartsReduces Smoking, Knocking & Oil Consumption in Worn EnginesCompatible With Synthetic & Non-synthetic Automotive LubricantsUses Cold Fusion TechnologyCan Be Used in Conjunction with Motorkote® Hyper Lubricant 100% pure petroleum product increases oils viscosity an..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: MOTORKOTE Product Code: mkredgr
MotorKote® Sticky Red Grease™ is a premium NLGI #2, heavy-duty, EP multi-purpose lithium grease fortified with polymers, antiwear agents, tackiness additives, high viscosity base oils plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. This grease is designed to stay-in-place and lubricate under the most ..
Ex Tax:8.86€
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